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Welcome to my personal website


On leaving Technical School I joined the Royal Navy and completed a 4 year apprenticeship to serve for 12 years as an Engine Room Artificer (Marine Engineer).

After leaving the Navy in 1971 as a Chief Petty Officer I was four years as a Staff Engineering Chargehand supervising Trawler repair on Hull Fish Dock.

After a further four years as an Services Engineering Supervisor in a Birds Eye food factory I became employed Technical Author with a local agency.

Becoming self employed in 1983 I have prepared hundreds of Technical manuals and literature for many large companies including Unilever (see Technical Documentation).

With advent of computers documentation was becoming to be prepared digitally. I was also involved in setting up a large knowledge base intranet for Unilever Ice Cream division, which led to me becoming proficient with the Internet and website design

Current Activities

Semi- retired I am still involved with publications.

I am still maintaining local websites

I am a volunteer with several Swanland communal groups such as our Heritage Centre and Village Association